Still Puzzled?

Now I am sure you did not stumble on this blog by chance.

I got your attention last time with these tin pictures didn’t I?

Pictures that might have found themselves in a garbage truck. Instead somone sent them to Robin who scanned all of them even if she did not know who these people were.

Thanks to Robin, Fran’s distant relatives now have pictures of their ancestors if they happened to stumble on this blog.

I believe I have found Helen Alexandre and two of her children. She had three boys: Joseph, David and Philip before her death in or before 1901.

Fran gave me some clues to look at after her meeting with distants relatives whose ancestor was Joseph Bleau. Joseph Bleau Senior married Emma Gallope on February 15, 1901. That would be after Helen’s death. 

Joseph Bleau was David Bleau’s brother who had married Agnes Alexandre who was Helen’s sister.

David Nathanael Bleau.

Who are these children?

Probably Joseph Bleau Junior, born on March 3, 1891, with his brother little David Bleau born on December 9, 1893.

David Nathanael Bleau is most probably little David’s godfather.

How do I know? Because it makes a lot of sense.


I am sure Helen Alexander is photographed here with her parents, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre (Alexander) and Philomène Lagacé (Libbie Lagasse), and her two sisters Agnes and Myra. This picture is taken in late 1894.

Now any distant relatives of Fran can benefit from our search and have pictures of their ancestors. 

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