Did you stumble on this blog about genealogy by chance?

Genealogy attracts a lot of people searching for their ancestors.

Last year, Robin, who lives on the West Coast, scanned close to 100 pictures.  I was quite excited about them especially these tin-type photographs.

Robin is not even directly related to these people. Her husband is.

Only one person was identified.

David Nathanael Bleau.

Every picture Robin sent me about him and his descendants are on this blog. This is what we do.

We share all and try to identify every one. We ask for nothing in return and we don’t sell coffee mugs or phony coats of arm.

This picture remains a mystery concerning the two children.

Helen Alexander would be photographed here and she would be the mother. The children’s father would be Joseph Bleau, David’s brother, but he is not on this picture.

Their grandparents are on it though: Jean-Baptiste Alexandre (Alexander) and Philomène Lagacé (Libbie Lagasse) both of French-Canadian descent.

What about them…?

These documents Fran sent me two days ago tell a lot about them.

Jean-Baptiste Alexander’s death certificate

Philomene Lagasse’s death certificate

About this montage…

The man on the right, top row?

We did not know who he was a few months ago.

Now we know for sure and now we know a lot more about how John B. Alexander died,

Jean-Baptiste Alexander II’s death certificate

Still puzzled?