Genealogy Is Just Like a Big Jigsaw Puzzle

Want a proof of that?

These pictures Robin had scanned last year.

All tin-type pictures.

At first the only people I could identify were Myra Alexander and her sister Agnes on this picture. They are in the back wearing the big hats.

I always remind my readers that Robin is not a close relative of mine, but her husband is. Well not that close, maybe he’s a 3rd cousin.

When Robin scanned some (about 100) pictures, at first I thought David Bleau Senior was in the middle with his wife Emelie Hebert, but since David Bleau Senior died on December 22, 1880, he could not be on it.

One other clue, which became apparent after the fact, was why would Agnes Alexander and Myra Alexander be on this picture even though Agnes Alexander would eventually marry David Bleau Junior who, luckily, was identified as this man on this next picture.

Of course back then, I did not know that Helen Alexander had marry Joseph Bleau, David’s brother, and that she could be on this picture with her son Joseph on the left beside her mother Libbie Lagasse Alexander.

Who then was sitting on Helen’s lap…?

Of course if this woman is really Helen Alexander posing on this picture with her parents and her two sisters Myra and Agnes.

The answer to all this we will get from Fran this weekend after she meets with some distant cousins who could all be related to the children on this tin-type photograph.

Genealogy Is Just Like a Big Jigsaw Puzzle

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