To Write or not to Write…

Reflecting this morning…

To Write or not to Write…

To Post or not to Post…

Back in 2009, someone sent me a wedding picture of Frobe Caron and his wife Evelina Couet.

I can’t recall if he or she gave me permission to post it on this blog.

This is why I prefer not to post it here.

It is a beautiful wedding picture just like my maternal grandparents’s wedding picture.

Rosina Quesnel and Euclide Sauvé

My grandparents got married in 1919. Rosina was a widow with eight children. Her first husband had died in 1918.

I hope my distant cousin, who I sent a link to this blog, has not been scared away with this passion of mine for ancestors and old pictures.

I sure hope so.

I invited him also on my Ancestry site which is private. Sandy warned me back in 2009. People would take pictures and copy information without asking permission first.  Some were not even related to the people in the pictures.

Some people, when told politely, we even rude…

Go figure.

As a footnote to all this, I am now more careful with information I post on this blog so not to scare people away.

As a footnote to this footnote, this is what I found out by myself about Frobe and his lovely wife back in 2011.

I think I can post it here…

Frobe Evarist Rosario Caron
b. 29 Oct 1897, New Bedford, Bristol, MA
d. 10 Mar 1980, New Bedford, Bristol, MA

spouse: Evelina Couet
b. 2 Nov 1897, New Bedford, Bristol, MA
d. 4 Jul 1980, New Bedford, Bristol, MA 

15 May 1922, St. Hyacinth Catholic Church, New Bedford, Bristol MA

Occupation: Tile setter
WWI Veteran
Member of Disabled American Veterans
Member The Blind Veterans Association

Both were born in 1897 and both died in 1980.