Marie-Louise Blanchard

If you are reading my blog for the first time, then you have to go back in time and read this article first and then proceed from there… If you don’t, it’s like watching only the last 5 minutes of a great classic movie.


I told you I had this feeling yesterday.

Would your great-grandmother’s or your grandmother’s name be Marie-Louise Blanchard? Would your great-grandfather’s or your grandfather’s name be Raoul J. Vezina?

Are you related to their children that I had found back in 2007?

Armand Vézina 1908 –
Lionel Vézina 1909 –
Émile Vézina 1911 – 1928
Raoul Vézina 1914 –
Louise Vézina 1918 –

If you are, then you’re in for a big surprise.


9 October, 1907, Springfield, Massachusetts

This is your great-grandparents’ or your grandparents’ wedding picture, and this is your great-grandfather’s or grandfather’s picture when he was young.

They could be also your great-great-grandparents.

This is a family picture supposedly taken in 1927 with Joseph Olivier Vezina your ancestor.

He is wearing the long overall.

The woman next to him is Josephine, his third wife, because Hermine Paiement, his second wife died in 1916. He was first married to Églantine Farmer.

I know a lot don’t I? It’s because I dig a lot…

This is Hermine’s mortuary card.

Want more?

Want to know Raoul’s occupation?


His birthdate?

February 9, 1884.

His father’s occupation in 1900?


When did Raoul died? I am not sure about this one. Probably in January 1967.

I found a lot, but that’s not the point I want to make.

The point is finding relatives to be able to share all these pictures  just like I did with Fran.

So we will have to wait for someone to Google something like Raoul Vézina on the Internet and hope they find this blog someday.

Next time, how this great movie ends.

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