Post No. 301.

I was sure you would be coming back for more…

I know who these ordinary people are.

With  this picture and Fran’s help we have finally solved a mystery.

This is Alice  Alexandre with her husband Albert Choinière, and  her sister Amelia Alexandre with her boyfriend Ernest Sorel.

Amelia would marry Ernest a year later in 1915. This picture was scanned last year by Robin. We did not know who they were then.


I have another picture to show you.

Sylvia Bleau, Agnes Alexandre’s daughter, Louis Combe, her husband, her little daughter Sylvia, and… someone identified as aunt Mary.

Here the caption says Mary Alexander, but it’s Amelia again with her husband Ernest Sorel.  She does not look a bit like the real Mary Alexander seen here with her sister Agnes Alexandre in 1922…

Agnes is with her three grandchildren, Louis Jr., Lawrence, and Sylvia Marie. 

In 1922 little did these people know that Agnes would died in 1927.

You already have read the obituary Fran sent me last week didn’t you?

Now every piece of the puzzle falls into place thanks to Fran who is now a full-fledged member of the A-Team.

4 thoughts on “Amelia

  1. I love the pic of my grandpa Louis and great Uncle Larry as toddlers. I wish I could see Louis’ face to see if there’s any family resemblance at that age.

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