Caroline’s Daughters

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These two beautiful young women are Caroline Ménard’s daughters.

1 June, 1914

It’s Alice Alexandre’s wedding picture. Her sister Amelia is the bridesmaid.

Nothing extraordinary about that, unless you take a closer look at Alice’s and Amelia’s features. Amelia looks a little bit like her father Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

This is Jean-Baptiste Alexandre known as young man 1 back in  2010.

This is a younger Jean-Baptiste.

This picture was sent by someone a few months ago because he had recognized this next picture Robin had scanned.

He also had this older Jean-Baptiste Alexandre’s portrait.

I figure that Alice looks a lot like her mother Caroline Ménard.

Alice  Alexandre

Nothing extraordinary about that, unless you know that Caroline Ménard died when she gave birth to her 8th child in 1895. She was 32. Amelia was born in 1894 and was the 7th child and Alice was born in 1892 and was the 6th.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre would remarried with Odila Courchesne and fathered 10 more children.

Quite a time travel since 2010! 

When Fran, Alice’s grandchild, told me she had a wedding picture, I first thought there would be a lot of people on it like this picture I have in my collection about another unrelated family.

April 14, 1909


There were only four. But that’s okay because now we know how Caroline Ménard looked like.

Fran told me she did not know who the groomman was.

The face looked very familiar…

I think I found out who he was.

This picture is one of the 100 pictures Robin scanned last year.


Looks familiar?

I know you will come back for more.

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