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george roland alexander ancestors

This is probably what you will get

Yesterday’s post on this blog Our Ancestors about someone who wrote a comment.

George Roland Alexander is not my ancestor. In fact I never knew he had ever existed before someone sent me the descendants of John B. Alexander… 

This is John B Alexander. 

I had temporarily identified him in 2010 as  young man 1 in my files on my hard disk. Sandy, my 3rd cousin, had his picture amongst a whole lot more with people still being unidentified.

Since 2010, we have managed to find the identity of some.

Flavie (Phoebe) Alexandre and Myra Alexandre and lately their brother…

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre…

I could go on and on and on with the ancestors of that family… I wrote everything on this blog about genealogy.

Thanks to Ed Duke, whose uncle was George, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre has now been reunited with three of his children…



And pf course George.

All three are the children Jean-Baptiste Alexandre had with Odila Courchesne (Courchaine), his second wife. There are seven more to find pictures of.

Jean-Baptiste or John B., aka young man 1, was this man’s and this woman’s son… seen here with their daughters Myra, Agnes and Helen...

Still intrigued? Click here then.

Most probably amazed. I would.

I am since 2010 when my 3rd cousin Sandy started sharing the pictures she saved from destruction.

Now you can understand why I write so much about Our Ancestors even if they are not that closely related to me just like Ed.

From now on, I will just sit and wait for someone to Google someone’s name and find this blog.


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