Finding Your Roots Take Three: Sophie Couture

I have got to keep this simple.

Someone wrote me a message a month ago about her Seymour lineage.


I was wondering if your family tree is possibly related to me so I can research my ancestors. My Grandpa was Lloyd Marshal Seymour and he had a daughter Viva Mary Seymour. Unfortunately this is all the information I have besides they lived in Michigan. Are they connected to your family tree? 

Strangely enough I had these people in my family tree. Strangely enough I was related to them although quite distantly. That person’s daughter asked me how we were related.

Little Sophie Couture is the one who reunited us and is responsible for all this. She’s a 3rd cousin 4 times removed.

Sophie Couture (1850 – )

Sophie Gauthier, Mother of Sophie

Ignace Gauthier  Father of Sophie

Thérèse Séguin Mother of Ignace

Marie-Anne Raizenne ( – 1787) Mother of Thérèse

François-de-Sales Séguin Son of Marie-Anne

Monique Séguin (1769 – 1832) Daughter of François-de-Sales

Eugénie Lalonde (1791 – 1824) Daughter of Monique

Julie Leroux (1823 – 1907)
Daughter of Eugénie

Léon Sauvé (1863 – 1918)
Son of Julie

Euclide Sauvé (1893 – 1977)
Son of Léon



Euclide is my grandfather.

Sophie Couture, my 3rd cousin 4 times removed, was baptized on February 13, 1850. 

She was 4 weeks-old. This is what is written on the baptisimal act. That would put her birthdate around January 16, 1850 in St-Ignace, Vaudreuil County in Quebec.

Sophie was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Couture and Sophie Gauthier. Jean-Baptiste Couture became John Seymour when he emigrated to the United States. I don’t have much information on little Sophie Couture. She probably died young like so many children back in the 1800s.

We find Jean-Baptiste Couture in the 1880 U.S. Census. He is living in Michigan with his wife Sophia and his son Adolphes. John Seymour is said to be 66 years old. He would have been 30 when he got married in 1845 with Sophie Gauthier. Sophia is said to be 65. She would have been married when she was 29. That seems to be a little bit odd. Usually people back then would get married around 20 and have children every year or so.

But this same information is found again in the 1894 Michigan Census. John Seymour is listed as being 80 so is Sophia. So we have two sources with the same information.

It’s funny when you start searching for ancestors even if there are not your own.

This why I call it addiction, like this blog about genealogy. Now if we only could find old pictures of this family.

About pictures… We have one of Sophie Couture’s cousin. His name is Joseph Girard (Gerard). He is Sophie Gauthier’s nephew.

Joseph Girard is seen here with his wife Léocadie Neveu and some of his children.

The old man with the beard is Maxime Neveu with his wife Scholastique Lauzon beside him. Joseph Girard is on the far right while Léocadie Neveu is on the far left.

All these people lived in West Bay City, in Bay County, Michigan. The little girl in the middle in the front row is Jenny Girard.

This is Jenny.

This is what I found on her.

Name: Jennie Gerard
Birth Date: 15 Oct 1879
Birthplace: West Bay City, Bay, Michigan
Gender: Female

1880 U.S. Census
**Child** Jane Gerard **F** 7M

1900 U.S. Census Name
Jennie Girard
Residence West Bay city, Bay, Michigan
Birth Date Oct 1879
Birthplace Michigan

Groom’s Name: Dolphis Lalonde
Bride’s Name: Jennie Gerard
Marriage Date: 16 Apr 1901
Marriage Place: West Bay City, Bay, Michigan

Jenny died of heart failure on October 9, 1903 in Essexville, Michigan. Her husband must have been devastated…

5 thoughts on “Finding Your Roots Take Three: Sophie Couture

  1. I have been looking for ages to find Louis Simmers (Seymour)’s parents. He was born abt. 1779 (place unknown). Louis’s first wife was Catherine Lessard (parents and wedding date unknown). Louis’s second wife was Julie Généreux, m. 1839 Berthier (Louis/Marie-Judith Grimard). Louis died in Sorel in 1865.

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