Finding Your Roots Take Two

This is the translation of the article I wrote on my blog Nos Ancêtres in February 2011.

Someone had written me about Sophie Gauthier and Jean-Baptiste Couture. Michel Lauzon is related to Rose Gauthier, Sophie’s sister.

As I discovered, some descendants whose name were Seymour were in fact descendants of Guillaume Couture.

I have found out since 2007 that when you start digging for your roots you come across other people’s ancestors. This blog has now more that 280 articles, 288 articles to be exact. 

So here we go with the translation of my article…

Guillaume Couture was John Seymour’s ancestor. John Seymour’s name was in fact Jean-Baptiste Couture. In 1845 he married Sophie Gauthier whose sister was Rose Gauthier, aka Larosae Gotié.

Guillaume Couture

I could not resist the temptation when Michel Lauzon sent me this e-mail…

Hi Pierre

When Sophie Couture was baptized (the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Couture and Sophie Gauthier) on February 13, 1850, in Coteau-du-Lac (St-Ignace ), the child is 4 weeks-old. It is written that the father is a laborer at Trout River. This would be in New-Brunswick…, but is there another place with the same name?

Is there a Trout River in Ontario? Often those guys would work for lumber companies… And Zéphirin Morel, I believe, also had done such a work…

Often when someone is found somewhere, other members of the family are close by.….

See you


So many questions…

There is a Trout River near Huntingdon, the town of mayor Stéphane Gendron.

Nicolas Gendron

This has to be the place where Jean-Baptiste Couture was working in 1850 when little Sophie was born.

Jean-Baptiste Couture emigrated to the United States like 900,000 other French-Canadians. Several descendants of Guillaume Couture are found in Michigan and probably most of them ignore their French-Canadian roots.

This is the case of the descendants of Albert D. Seymour, a son of Jean-Baptiste Couture.

Albert D. Seymour was born around 1855 and he died on February 22, 1920 in  Grand Ledge, in Eaton County, Michigan.

He was married to Laura Cramer on July 3, 1883 in Mt Pleasant, in Isabella County, Michigan. Laura remarried on July 11, 1920 with George P. Bartlett.

The Couture-Cramer couple had at least eight children.

Floyd M. Seymour
Mary Lavine Seymour
Lloyd M. Seymour
Clarence L. Seymour
Albert D. Seymour
Viva Seymour
George W. Seymour
Fred B. Seymour

Viva Seymour married George H. Roop on  June 8 juin, 1918, in Mason, in Ingham County, in Michigan.

As I wrote on Monday…

This will never stop…

Next time, more on the Seymours.

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