Saül Binette

Saül Binette is not famous.

He is just a father with his little daughter Cécile and his wife Rosa Beauparlant.

This is Saül Binette again with his wife Rosa Beauparlant.

Here Saül is seen with his brother Hormisdas. Hormisdas is on the right in the first row.

That’s what I like about Saül. I like to talk about ordinary people on this blog.

Some people search for ancestors who are famous. They go on the Internet and type their names.

I don’t.

I mostly work with old pictures like this one…

The man is Honoré Sauvé with his wife Julie Leroux. They are my maternal great-great-grandparents.

Not famous people. They are also Saül Binette’s grandparents and now newly found Brenda’s great-great-grandparents.

Thank you for sharing! I’m a granddaughter of Saül Binette and I was wondering about my family since I don’t have access to the family book anymore (lost it during the parents separation). Again, thank you for sharing!

Brenda Binette

I don’t believe Brenda has a copy.

This picture, probably taken in the late 1890s, was part of a bunch of old pictures in two plastic grocery bags that my aunt Evelyne had stashed away in her closet.

I just had to share that bunch of old pictures with everyone.

Share I did since 2009. This article is No. 285!

Now, go on Google and just type Saül Binette. Of course some links are just there to get some traffic.

I don’t care much about getting traffic on my blog. I just enjoy genealogy,  writing about it and sharing what I found.



I don’t like it when bloggers just click on the Like button just to get some traffic on their blogs…