Again, thank you for sharing!

If you write a comment on this blog, I will write an article about it so everyone will be able to read it. 

Thank you for sharing! I’m a granddaughter of Saül Binette and I was wondering about my family since I don’t have access to the family book anymore (lost it during the parents separation). Again, thank you for sharing!

Brenda Binette

If you share something, then I will share it with my readers.

You see I like to write and I like to share.

When you like to do something you don’t ask for anything in return. Just pure selfish pleasure like George Stewart told me when I visited him last September.

Who’s George? That’s a long long story.

Curious? Then click here for just a glimpse, but be sure to read the comments at the end.

So what about Saül Binette, the little boy on the left in this picture of the Binette Family?

Pure selfish pleasure.

That’s what’s this blog is all about. I like searching and I like old pictures.

I also like people. Just can’t help it…

So why should I ask for money when I have got everything I want. 

So what about little Saül on the left?

I know very little about Saül, but now I  know he was Brenda’s grandfather. I know very little about Brenda and she does not know that much about me.

Well not quite yet…

She will sure find out when I invite her to my Ancestry family tree. She just has to ask.

As George Stewart says… 


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