A Blog About Genealogy

I don’t have as many readers on this blog as I have on my French version.

I really don’t mind because I like to write and I like to share my passion for genealogy.

So if you feel like writing me then write a comment just like Elizabeth Ann Binette who wrote about her ancestors.

I am trying to trace my father’s family: Clarence Emile Binette, Old Town, Maine. His father, Leon Joseph Binette, 1884 Canada – 1956 Old Town, Maine. Married Claudia Bilodeau – Her parents, Augustine Bilodeau and Clothine Lapointe, this is as far as I can go with my Grandmother Claudia Bilodeau Binette. I am trying to find out her parents, grandparents, etc. If anyone has any information on Claudia and her family it would be greatly appreciated. One Leon Joseph Binette I have born 11 Feb 1884, Beauce Quebec, Quebec. Son of Francois Honore Binet and Celanire Rancourt. He married Claudia Bilodeau 11 April 1910, Fairfield, Maine. She was born in Maine and is the daughter of Augustin Bilodeau and Clothine Lapointe.

Of course it always helps when I can reach you… and share what I have found about your roots like the birth certificate of Octave Achille Léonce Binet the son of François Binet and Célanire Rancoure…

15 February 1884

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