A Mind-boggling Blog

I think we can safely assume that this blog is A Mind-boggling Blog without telling you everything of what people have shared with me.

Linking people with their past and with their memories using pictures I have collected since 2007.

Honoré Sauvé with his wife Julie Leroux

Looking at old pictures through new eyes…

Looking at this picture of my great-great-grandparents back in 2007 was enough to get me addicted to genealogy.

This picture of the Binette family  is enough to keep my new found 3rd cousin’s addiction going for a long long time as she tries to piece together all of her childhood memories.

Every picture tells a story, sometimes happy, and sometimes sad…

There is no need to say more.


3 thoughts on “A Mind-boggling Blog

  1. I am trying to trace my father’s family: Clarence Emile Binette, Old Town, Maine. His father, Leon Joseph Binette, 1884 Canada – 1956 Old Town, Maine. Married Claudia Bilodeau – Her parents, Augustine Bilodeau and Clothine Lapointe, this is as far as I can go with my Grandmother Claudia Bilodeau Binette. I am trying to find out her parents, grandparents, etc. If anyone has any information on Claudia and her family it would be greatly appreciated. One Leon Joseph Binette I have born 11 Feb 1884, Beauce Quebec, Quebec. Son of Francois Honore Binet and Celanire Rancourt. He married Claudia Bilodeau 11 April 1910, Fairfield, Maine. She was born in Maine and is the daughter of Augustin Bilodeau and Clothine Lapointe.

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  2. I’m trying to locate a picture of a relative from Rhode Island.
    All of the pictures were destroyed in a storm-water damaged.

    The families involved mostly French Canadian
    Tessier /Phanuef/ David/O’Connor

    Blanche Cecille Marie Tessier b-1913 -d 1942 Married name was O’Connor.

    Daughter of Melina (David) Tessier and Joseph Edward Tessier – Warrick /Providence – Rhode Island.
    Her father Joseph had brothers living in Rhode Island.
    He was a farmer and carpenter.

    His wife -Melina parents- John David and Eva (Phanuef) David.
    Blanche had 2 siblings Norman and Cecille.

    I’ve tried looking for confirmation pictures, etc family pictures.

    Any help, ideas would be greatly appreciated,



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