Can you imagine…

Can you imagine finding a distant cousin who knows all about some of your ancestors and who writes about them in French and in English?

Well you can stop imagining.

This is no April fools’ last day.

This is a true story!

A proud descendant of Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux wrote a message on my Ancestry site last week.

Honoré Sauvé and his wife Julie Leroux

She is the first one to write me about my maternal great-great-grandparents and she found herself a new distant cousin… 

Hey Mom… When I grow older I will write blogs!

and a whole lot of new ancestors to go around.

Pierre Lagacé is a descendant of Honoré Sauvé who is a descendant of Pierre Sauvé and Marie-Renée Michel Michaud who are the ancestors of all the Sauvés, Sauves, Sauvies, Sovies,… in America.

Click here to visit a Website dedicated to the Sauvé lineage.

You won’t find Honoré Sauvé in history books nor Pierre Sauvé for that matter.

This is why I write a lot about my ancestors on my blog.

– Honoré my dear… You are so famous now!
– Famous? Wait till he talks about your ancestor Anne-Marie Von Seck!

I started writing about Honoré on the French version of this blog about genealogy back in 2008.

Click here if you can read French.

My aunt Evelyne had two precious plastic grocery bags full of old pictures. I scanned them all.

I scanned the pictures… Not the grocery bags…  This one was of course in the precious plastic grocery bags.

It was enough to get addicted to genealogy.

I then started writing about these pictures and I used this next photo for one of the first articles.

The Binette family from Sainte-Justine-de-Newton.

It was the only group picture in my aunt’s collection. This photo is interesting because it was the first time I had tried to identify who the people were.

I told myself back in 2008 that it might help someone down the road.

Mélina Sauvé was the easiest to identify… She was the daughter of Honoré and Julie.

Hilaire, even with his beard, was child’s play…

Their children were harder to identify though.

I had to rely on the Canadian censuses even though they are not that reliable. 

Four years later…

All this research has borne fruit.

Next time, who are the children?

One thought on “Can you imagine…

  1. I always say you can recognize Pierre, no matter which age he is, and his guarentee will never change … lol .

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