Jean-Baptiste Alexandre 1862-1936

This man might be your ancestor.

Ed’s grandfather

Ed’s grandfather was the father of 18 children. Of course Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II was not the only one involved.

He married twice.

First he married Caroline Ménard.

Caroline died while giving birth to their 8th child. He was a baby boy who died at birth.

I don’t have a picture of Caroline. I only have her birth certificate.

That’s not much to go on, but when you are searching for your ancestors, or those who are related to your ancestors like Caroline, it opens new venues.

I knew very little about Jean-Baptiste Alexandre and Caroline Ménard.

Fran wrote a comment on this blog a few months ago…

Thrilled with the photos.

My maternal grandmother was the daughter of JB Alexandre and Caroline Menard (Amanda’s sister, married to Stanislaus Lagasse).

She was the niece of Myra Alexandre Archambeault.

The only photos I have of the Alexandres is my grandmother’s wedding photo, which includes her sister Amelia, a photo of her dad and a photo of adults identified as Alexandres. The last two sent by his grandson’s wife. I would love permission to copy the photos.

I know they do not fall within copywrite law: but I would like to add the identified ones to my research and cite your site as the source. I have never sent/forwarded photos but I will try to send them to you.


Fran joigned the A-Team with her pictures I posted.

She is the one who has formally identified Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II.

She also gave me the names of all of his children.

With 1st wife Caroline Philomena MENARD    (1863 – 1895)

Angeline Marie Alexandre   1882 – 1922

Evelyne Caroline ALEXANDRE  1884 – 1965  (Mrs. Napoleon Gingras)

JB Hormisdas ALEXANDRE 1885 – 1896

Joseph Arthur Alexandre    1888 – 1888

Emile ALEXANDRE    1890 – 1918

Alice Louise ALEXANDRE  1892 – 1956      (Mrs. Albert Choiniere)

Amelia ALEXANDRE        1894 – 1950      (Mrs. Ernest Sorel)

baby ALEXANDRE            1895 – 1895

With 2nd wife Odila COURCHAINE    (1873 – 1959)    Obit has her name as “Adile”

Lionel J. ALEXANDRE      1900 –

Beatrice A. ALEXANDRE  1903 – 1991

Joseph H. ALEXANDRE    1904 –

David Joseph ALEXANDER  1907 – 1975

Annette ALEXANDRE   1910 –

Blanche ALEXANDRE   1910 – 1917

Antony A. ALEXANDRE  1911 – 1930

Henry R. ALEXANDER      1913 – 1988

Irene Margaret ALEXANDER  1915 – 1964

George Roland ALEXANDER    1917 – 1998

The only photos I have of the Alexandres is my grandmother’s wedding photo, which includes her sister Amelia

I would really like to see that wedding picture…

0 thoughts on “Jean-Baptiste Alexandre 1862-1936

  1. Hi,
    I was searching for information on my uncle, George Roland Alexander, and found your blog. My father’s older sister, Edith Elizabeth Duke, married George R. Alexander on 05 Feb 1944 in Bristol, CT. I have a picture from their wedding day – – Uncle George’s brother Henry was his best man and his sister Irene was my aunt’s maid of honor. I don’t remember Aunt Edith that well; she died when I was quite young, however I do remember Uncle George and their son, George Jr. Uncle George and Aunt Edith are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT. There are photographs of their graves on the Pine Grove website (
    If you would like, I would be glad to share a copy of their wedding photograph.

    Ed Duke

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