Do you believe in numerology?

I am not skeptic by nature.

I like to explore and then make my own idea about something.

This is a website that gives you an analysis of your character analysis using our name and your birthdate.

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You can use it with an ancestor.

This is what I found on my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre born on April 6, 1845.


Personality of Henriette Alexandre (4/6/1845)

Your expression number – the 8 – summarizes your first and your last name and accounts for your wholesomeness and your acute sense of justice. Your incredible energy somewhat needs some focusing. You are adamant and you refuse half-measures.

Quite a tornado!

You always need activities at a sustained rhythm, you can’t stand relying on the others and you are continually seeking balance. You need to watch your sense of authority and your inclination for stubbornness.

You are combative and concrete by nature and you enjoy taking risks… This what helps you in adversity.

In short: Avoid your occasional stubborn and pushy reactions and use your energy for a fair cause: there is no better balance!
Your first name – Henriette – shaped by number 5, reveals an undeniable charism.One listens to you and admires you because you always manage to adapt to one’s level. You look self-assured. But do not neglect your needs for new experiences… It is written within your very constitution!
The name you have inherited – Alexandre – characterized by number 3, is undoubtedly at the origin of your unquestionable self-control, of your skillfulness and of your creativity…
Your soul urge number – 9 – extracted from the vowels of both your first and last names, provides information about the personality, as experienced from the inside, on your desire, your motivation… As far as you are concerned, you clearly aspire to achieve yourself in a wholesome manner. You have an emotional and sensitive nature and a strong idealistic character, not always connected to the harshness of reality and hence prone to disenchantment. You want to be useful to the others (and to the world in general) and you probably enjoy teaching and sharing. You seek total and true love and are capable of an incredible affective investment. Your affective life, often fragile, grows stronger and stabilizes with maturity.
Your inner-self number, the 8, is calculated with the consonants of both your first name and your last name. It reveals your skills on a material and/or professional level. In your case, the number shows your sense of practical initiative. Your are especially efficient when it comes to fieldwork, and you have good vibrations as far as business and transactions, of any kind, are concerned.
Your psychic number, the 6, reveals that, as far as you are concerned, feelings prevail! Hence your perpetual quest for affective harmony and your sensitivity to criticism. You fear isolation and abandonment. You are most probably gifted with artistic talents and have this tendency to feel guilty for a mere trifle.
It is through your activities and your ambition that you make your way in life. At least, that is what your evolution number (1) says. Your 1 also confirms your brainy disposition, your gift for logics, your independence, your self-mastery and your creativity. In any case, your 1 enables you to achieve and attain almost anything, but you must rely on yourself.
Your inclusion table:

 Missing numbers: 7.

    7: Your missing 7 could also translate as “lack of self-confidence”. This is the origin of your fears, your anxiety and pessimism. You often suffer from insulation because you can’t always understand the others (and you simply don’t always like life). If you haven’t started yet, it’s now more than ever that you really ought to try and find a way of overcoming your problems.


   Prevailing number: 5.

    5: Your qualities of adaptation, self-reliance, mobility, your passion for travelling and novelty, not to mention your charisma and your gift for persuasion all strongly suggest a brilliant career as a lawyer, actress, politician, or maybe even as a soldier. In either case, we are talking about strong mobility.


Life cycle:

Your life path – 1 – based on your birth date, provides valuable information about your destiny in a theoretical manner, without taking your actual context into account. Number 1 is a path that keeps going higher and higher. It can lead you really far. In short, this is the path of the leaders, determined and tough. Number 1 accounts in essence for you enthusiastic nature and you willingness. The more you progress on your path, the more traits such as shyness or indecisiveness tend to disappear. The main obstacles on your path are a tendency to be bossy with the people you love. Now this a trait that you absolutely want to master! You need to be an example for the others.
Your life cycle – the 9 – mainly explains your openness to the world and your need to make yourself useful. You have been in your third and last cycle, the harvest cycle, since April 6, 1899. After a painful adolescence, in pursuit of a just cause, after a hectic working life made of fantastic encounters and overcommitment, you are now indulging yourself into new aspirations… This is the time of your great cause for which, if you haven’t already, you will fight with brilliance!
Your life cycle is made of four major achievements. Since the April 5, 1898, you are experiencing your fourth and last achievement, which has the value 4, and is about self achievement through work, discipline, organization. This being said even if your life path in 1 pushes you towards autonomy, you will have understood by now, with the help of your experience, that self-assertion demands some kind of rigor. There is no way one can get there without a little work! It makes no doubt that you know perfectly well how to deal with this last achievement and to take the most out of it.
Temporal cycles:

Numerology considers 9 personal years. Each of which helps evaluating the general trends of the current calendar year. As far as you are concerned, your personal year is 6, symbol of consistency. This year, you need to feel comfortable in your environments: you really need to feel at ease inside your family and at work… Whatever happens, you will adapt and make your surroundings feel logical, consistent, understandable. Actions such as house moving or finding another job are not to be excluded if either (or both) can provide you with a sense of stability.
Your astrological house (or sector) gives a useful little extra information to your personal year. This latter changes at every birthday, whereas the astrological house is valid from January the 1st to December 31st. You are currently in house 4, symbol of roots and home. You will invest more time in your home this year (or even move!) and this will drive you to feel more connected to reality.
Your personal month, the 1, provides the overall tonality of the current month: This is the time for you to take the initiatives.
Today is your personal day 9. You can finish the things that you have left up in the air for the past 9 days.

(Analysis computed on April 17, 2012 at 22:26)

Now you can explore numerology and then make your own idea about one of your ancestor’s character.