The Marineaus

Yesterday’s picture was a reenactment.

It was probably taken during a parade that took place in St-Eustache in the 1970s to commemorate the rebellion of 1837.

The caption says…

Les soldats enfoncent les vitres des maisons. Le jeune Marineau sort de chez lui et reçoit une décharge de fusil.

The soldiers broke the window glass of the houses. The young Marineau went outside and he was shot.

This picture is by no means a reenactment…

This is Jean-Baptiste Marineau.

He was born around 1844-1845 and he bears the same given name as his brother who was shot on February 22nd, 1838 and died of his wounds on March 8th.

This is part of a text I found on the first ancestor of the Marineaus. It’s only available in French.

Marineau dit Ostain

– C’est à Saint-Pierre de Marennes, près de Seudre, chef-lieu de canton de la Charente-Maritime, France, que l’on trouve Pierre Ostain et son épouse Catherine Justemet. Ils ont un fils prénommé Jean qui traverse l’Atlantique vers le nouveau monde. C’est à Beauport, le 10 janvier 1691, qu’il épouse Jeanne Tardif, fille de Jacques Tardif et de Barbe d’Orange. C’est la première génération en Amérique.

– Leur fils, Pierre Ostain, épouse à Montréal, le 8 janvier 1731, Catherine-Gertrude Lecompte, fille de Samuel-Jean et de Marie-Jeanne Jérémie.

– C’est à la troisième génération que Jean-Baptiste, fils de Pierre Ostain, prend le nom de Marineau. Alors Jean-Baptiste Marineau dit Ostain épouse à Longue Pointe, le 5 octobre 1767, Marie Angélique Chartier, fille de François et de Hélène Larchevêque.

– Puis son fils, Jean-Baptiste Marineau, épouse au Sault au Récollet, le 25 septembre 1797, Josephte Quenneville, fille de François et de Marie Judith Galipeau.

– C’est Martin Marineau qui arrive le premier dans notre région. Il épouse à Saint-Eustache, le 6 août 1827, Esther Ducharme, fille de Joseph et de Véronique Presseau.

Recherche par Suzanne Gendre

This is where I found the text.

Now this is the translation I did.

Marineau dit Ostain

– Pierre Ostain and his wife Catherine Justemet lived in Saint-Pierre de Marennes, near Seudre, county-town of Charente-Maritime in France. Jean, a son,  emigrated to the New World by crossing the Atlantic. Jean married Jeanne Tardif, daughter of Jacques Tardif and Barbe d’Orange in Beauport, on January 10th 1691. This is the first generation of Marineaus in America.

– A son, Pierre Ostain, married Catherine-Gertrude Lecompte, daughter of Samuel-Jean Lecompte and Marie-Jeanne Jérémie, in Montreal on January 8th, 1731.

– The name Marineau was first used by Jean-Baptiste, son of Pierre Ostain. Jean-Baptiste Marineau dit Ostain married Marie Angélique Chartier, daughter of François Chartier and Hélène Larchevêque, in Longue Pointe, on October 5th, 1767.

– His son Jean-Baptiste Marineau, married Josephte Quenneville, daughter of François  Quenneville and Marie Judith Galipeau, at Sault-au-Récollet on September 25th, 1797.

– Martin Marineau is the first Marineau to settle in our region. He married Esther Ducharme, daughter of Joseph Ducharme and Véronique Presseau, in Saint-Eustache on August 6, 1827.

Research by Suzanne Gendre

If you can read French, click here and visit this Website for more information on St-Eustache…

To be continued…

The desire to write grows with writing.

Desiderius Erasmus

6 thoughts on “The Marineaus

    • Always nice to get some feedback.
      This descendant has hit the jackpot.
      I had done a lot of research on my French blog Nos ancêtres.
      And I mean a lot.
      Some Marineaus took the name Asselin down the road.
      It was not easy, but I am now reaping the benefits.

  1. I sure appreciate knowing my ancestor Celina Marino (as we Americans write it!) I am back to researching this heritage, thanks in a very large part to you, Pierre. Susan Garland

    • I had a look at Pierre Ostain, Celina Marino’s ancestor.

      Guess what Pierre is my 9th grandfather!
      That makes us distant cousins!

      Distant cousin Pierre

  2. Celina Marineau (1846 – 1905)
    is your 3rd cousin 5x removed

    Jean-Baptiste Marineau (1803 – )
    father of Celina Marineau

    Jean-Baptiste Marineau
    father of Jean-Baptiste Marineau

    Jean-Baptiste Ostain dit Marineau
    father of Jean-Baptiste Marineau

    Pierre Ostain (1706 – )
    father of Jean-Baptiste Ostain dit Marineau

    Geneviève Hostain Marineau
    daughter of Pierre Ostain

    Marie-Louise Tessier dit Lavigne (1780 – 1826)
    daughter of Geneviève Hostain Marineau

    Jean-Baptiste Monette dit Boismenu
    son of Marie-Louise Tessier dit Lavigne

    Jean-Baptiste Monette dit Boismenu (1826 – )
    son of Jean-Baptiste Monette dit Boismenu

    Cordélia Monette (1853 – 1925)
    daughter of Jean-Baptiste Monette dit Boismenu

    Angélina Renaud (1876 – 1940)
    daughter of Cordélia Monette

    Juliette Métayer (1905 – 1962)
    daughter of Angélina Renaud

    Léo Lagacé (1927 – 1995)
    son of Juliette Métayer

    Pierre Lagacé

    I am so excited Susan

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