March 10, 1838

Jean-Baptiste Marineau was a 7 year-old boy wounded  by the volontaires de St-André on February 22, 1838, in  St-Eustache. 

Reenactment done during a commemoration probably in the 1970s in St-Eustache.

He died on March 8, 1838.

His parents, Jean-Baptiste Marineau and Marie-Jeanne Lauzé gave the same name to another boy born later around 1845.

Jean-Baptiste Marineau 

Jean-Baptiste Marineau is the ancestor of many Americans. One of his son, Adrien or Adrian, emigrated to the United States in 1915.

Adrien married Eva Duval in 1913 in Montréal.

This is where they got married.

Photo  Jacques Fortin

Photo  Jacques Fortin

I will tell you more next time about the Marineaus who lived in St-Eustache back in the 1850s.