When Harry Bleau meets Freida Kaminski

I did not do this on purpose.


I found Freida’s maiden and much more.

Freida is Freida Kaminski.

Freida Kaminski and Harry Bleau

I had a hunch…

The 1920 U.S. Census.

This is the proof I needed.

Harry Bleau, son-in-law of Frank Kaminski.

Fredrica Bleau, daughter of Frank Kaminski.

Frank Kaminski born in Germany.

Now we can put some names on these people.

Freida Kaminski Bleau with her brother Peter Kaminski, Peter Kaminski‘s wife Isabel, their child Pauline Kaminski, and Isabel’s sister.

In this picture Pauline Kaminski has grown up and she is on the left with her little Peter Kaminski Junior.

Pauline Kaminski is 6 and Peter Kaminski Junior is 4 years old.

Now we are getting somewhere!

What about the girl on the right. She is John Kaminski’s daughter. No leads there.

Next time more about Peter Kaminski and Isabel. I manage to find Isabel’s maiden name.

Click on the image for a preview

2 thoughts on “When Harry Bleau meets Freida Kaminski

    • Hi David,

      Glad to find another distant relative even though we are not blood related.
      Who cares about blood relation.
      I am happy to share what I have found out about your ancestors.


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