Touching Lives Again and Again and Again: Lovely Rita

Carl wrote me again about his ancestors and their relatives.

He had this information about someone named Rita.

He also mentioned the Combe and the Ashley families in his e-mail.

I had to look it up in the more than 100 photos Robin has scanned in 2011 where most of the pictures were of the Bleau and the Combe family.

I found little Rita.

Lovely Rita… circa 1924

Rita is there with her cousins and her two brothers… Joe, with his mouth opened, and Henry on the far right.

This will put a smile on Robin’ s face I am sure.

One thought on “Touching Lives Again and Again and Again: Lovely Rita

  1. Hello Pierre,

    I truly enjoy the e-mails about our ancestry.

    My Grandmother, Philomene Daigneault is our link as well as Arthur Lagasse. I am one of your Canadian cousins and please let me know the information that you might need to bridge the gap between us. What I do know is that across the lines of this family many others have developed an interest in researching their past. It seems to be a family trait. Please let me know if you would like any futher information about my family.

    Thank you for the many e-mail updates on our ancestry.

    It is really interesting.


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