Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 2

Post No. 256!

Now we are getting somewhere.

I just got this comment from Grace who has helped someone in her search for her ancestors. Now it’s her turn to get some help.

So here is what she wrote as a comment… as a reference to a message on Ancestry posted back in 2000!

I am Paul Chandler. My mother is Sarah Glory Chandler. My grandfather is Henry Glory. My great-grandmother was Annie Mary Lagasse Glory (1894-1970). My great-great-grandfather was Joseph Lagasse (1873?-1957). My great-great-great-grandfather was Henry Lagasse (1831-1909). THIS Henry was married to Mathilda Dazet and according to their tomb in Lafayette #2 (NOT L#1 across the street from Commander’s Palace) they were both native of France. Henry and Mathilda had two sons and three daughters. The sons were Paul (1862-1935)and Joseph (my ancester). Joseph had at least 11 kids. Paul had at least 13 kids. Each of the sons had lots of boys to the point of where I am related to every Lagasse in town except for the famous Emeril who is from up north. Paul had a Henry who had a Henry. Joseph had two Henry’s (one died as an infant). Which Henry is your grandfather? I am guessing that the original Henry came to New Orleans before the Civil War

Now her reply to Paul…

This is a reply to Henri Jean Lagasse by Paul. Well, what do you know, Paul , you are a relative of mine! My grandfather was Joseph Robert Lagasse (18 Mar 1899 – 17 Apr 1954). He married my grandmother, Mary Gerdes Cook on 6 Aug 1919 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in New Orleans. He was the son of Joseph Lucien Lagasse, my great-grandfather, your great-great grandfather. I saw you had a question mark by his birth. He was born on 17 Jan 1872. He married Josephine Schneeburger (not sure of the date) in New Orleans and he died on 14 Aug 1957 in New Orleans. My great-great-grandfather was Henri Jean Lagasse, who was your 3rd great grandfather. He was born in France (not sure where) on 09 May 1831 and died in New Orleans on 04 Dec 1909. He married  Matilde Dazet somewhere in France because his first child Marie or Mary was born in 1857 in France according to the 1880 census.

I found Matilda Dazet, at the nice age of 70 and Henri Jean Lagasse, at 69, on the 1900 Census which confirms their marriage year of 1859 in France…. where again it does not state. Interesting because it appears that they had Mary before they were married. The 1900 Census states that his parents were born in France as well. At this time, they list Matilde as having 5 living children but gave birth to 7. In addition, I recently found two ship manifests for Henri Jean Lagasse.


New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Henri Lagasse
Name: Henri Lagasse
Arrival Date: 28 Aug 1898
Birth Year: abt 1831
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/Race-/Nationality: American
Place of Origin: United States of America
Port of Departure: Havre
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: La Touraine
Search Ship Database: Search the La Touraine in the ‘Passenger Ships and Images’ database

THE SECOND MANIFEST states, because I can’t place my finger on it at the moment that

Henri Jean Lagasse was on the Passenger list of 1897 at 66 years old coming back from France. His port of departure was Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. I asked myself why would a 66 year old man be going back to France- unless someone died. It would have been either his mom or dad, don’t you think? Boulogne-sur-Mer is a city in northern France. I can’t see Henri at 66 traveling too far away from this port at his age back in 1897. I am researching this area and surrounding areas to see if any Lagasses lived there. Also the port in Havre, France. My last living aunt, Glory Lagasse Cronin, says she thinks that they may have come from Alsace Lorraine. Not sure.

If you can, please respond to my post.

Thanks, Grace

P.S. My mother, Grace , use to talk about her Uncle Henry Glory all the time. She lived on Annunciation street uptown New Orleans and I think they did not live far away.

Thanks to Pierre Lagacé for this blog.

Now the ball is rolling…

Not only rolling but I will translate this in French, my mother tongue since I also have a French version of this blog, and I have many readers from France and abroad.

So who knows?

Maybe someone knows something about Henri Jean Lagasse who emigrated to America in the 1800s.

We’ll just have to sit and wait this one out.

Next time, I will have the translation in French.

14 thoughts on “Genealogy runs in my veins… Take 2

  1. Hello,

    My name is Mary Helen Lagasse, wife of the recently deceased Wilbur L. Lagasse, son of Benard Lagasse, and grandson of Henri Lagasse buried in the cemetery across from Commander’s on Washington Avenue. I had visited that site with my mother-in-law, Gertrude Dreyer Lagasse a number of times.

    My husband and I visited Mannheim to look up ancestors of my mother-in-law, but had no luck. We were to visit Alsace Lorraine where a doctor friend told us there are a number of tomstones bearing the name “Lagasse.” But we never got the chance. My husband died 3 years ago. I am a published, prize-winning novelist, presently writing a historical novel. The focal point of this novel is the 1830s construction of the New Basin Canal in New Orleans. Countless numbers of Irish died there, as well as German, both of whom comprised the large number of “ditchers” that constructed the canal. I understand that my father-in-law, Benny, now deceased, son of Henri & Matilde, was 3/4th French and 1/4th German, but now that the principals are gone it is difficult, if not impossible for me to verify anything! I wish to learn about the Lagasse ancestors. If you, any of you, would be kind enough, perhaps you might point me in the right direction, or even elect to contact me personally.

    I would be most grateful.

    Many thanks.

    Mary Helen Lagasse

  2. I am not related to these Lagasses. Henri was from France and he emigrated in the U.S. I have tracked him down in Louisiana. In the 1880 U.S. Census he was listed as a carpenter.

    More to follow.

    This of course has to be validated with the information I asked you in my e-mail.

  3. This is the Henri Jean Lagasse’s family in 1880.

    I believe Bernard it related either to Paul or Joseph.

    Household Gender Age Birthplace
    self Henry Le Gasse M 49 France
    wife Matilda Le Gasse F 50 France
    dau Mary Le Gasse F 23 France
    son Paul Le Gasse M 17 Louisiana, United States
    dau Anne Le Gasse F 15 Louisiana, United States
    dau Antoinette Le Gasse F 13 Louisiana, United States
    son Joseph Le Gasse M 8 Louisiana, United States

    • My father-in-law Benard (Benny) Lagasse was the son of Henri Lagasse buried in the cemetery across from Commander’s. I’d visited there with my mother-in-law, Gertrude, wife of Benny. This much is certain because when my father-in-law Benny died, the family considered burying him in the Henri Lagasse gravesite, and it was done. Years later, when Gertrude died, she was buried at Lakelawn cemetery, and not long after their sons elected to move Brenny’s remains to rest alongside Gertrude. This was done. My husband was the youngest of their four sons. As stated in my earlier message, all the principals are deceased, except, of course, those I do not know.
      Mary Helen

      • Hi Mary Helen this is Grace.

        In your earlier post, you mentioned that your father-in-law was Bernard Lagasse. According to the Lagasse lineage you stated, Bernard would be my great-grandfather’s brother, Joseph Lucien Lagasse, who was Henri Jean Lagasse’s son. I have a great website for you to follow,

        If you place Bernard Lagasse’s name in their search engine, and look for his birth year, you will find many sources on him. I found the 1940’s and 1920’s census, WWII draft registration, and Social Security death record. If Bernard Lagasse was born on 9 March 1889, this is him. The census will give the street address where they lived on the left side of the page. This is another verification that you have the correct Bernard Lagasse. In addition, on the 1940’s census, it list your husband’s name.

        In regards to Henri Jean Lagasse, I am still researching this missing link from France. If you do not mind, could you please find out the name of the cemetery in Alsace- Lorraine for me ?

        I am very passionate about Genealogy and have visited many ancestral sites in the past. I have a Mexican/Spanish background on my father’s side, and German/French background on my mother’s side. My husband and I have visited many places in Mexico, Germany, etc., looking for information. Also, I have utilized the Family History Centers at the Latter Day Saint Churches and have been to their main facility in Salt Lake, Utah. The website I gave you above is from the Latter Day Saints.

        Please feel free to contact me via email.

        Enjoy looking around on that website.

        P.S. Again, thank you, Pierre for your blog.

      • Hi Grace,

        I will get back later…
        My grandson is coming to visit his grandfather.


    • Mary Helen, I have researched cemeteries in Alsace-Lorraine, however, I was unsuccessful in finding any which posted any headstones or information. If you could let me know of the cemetery where your friend found the Lagasses, it would be a major breakthrough for me. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

  4. Hi Pierre,

    I haven’t contacted anyone since last we connected, which was a couple of years ago. I’ve been extremely busy writing a new novel, painting, and trying to keep up with everyday living. As for the Alsace-Lorraine locale, no I don’t know of any specific cemetery cited by my friend where he’d seen a number of Lagasse tombstones. He is a physician, and since my husband Willie passed away, I’ve lost contact with him. I remember my mother-in-law having mentioned the name “Mary Schnaberger” and “Henri,” and I went with her to the cemetry on Washington Avenue where Henri Lagasse is buried. My father-in-law Bernard was buried there but his remains were exhumed after my mother-in-law Gertrude died and he was re-buried with her in Lakelawn Cemetery in New Orleans. The dates seem not to correspond with the persons cited by my mother-in-law, but I know factually that Benny was buried in the same tomb on Washington Avenue across from Commander’s Restaurant. Should your contact come across further info, I would very much appreciate hearing from them. I am a Lagasse by marriage, and a number of the Lagasse family members I knew are now deceased.


    Mary Helen H. Lagasse

  5. Well, I have not progressed any further with my research information here. If any one has any further information on where Henri Lagasse is from in France, please reply. Thanks, Grace

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