Touching Lives Again and Again

This blog will never end soon because it keeps touching people lives.

Someone wrote a comment Sunday.

His name is Carl J. Archambeault Sr. and his comment was about the article I posted in December 2011.

I can tell you about it.


I just came across this blog… Where are you located? Philip Archambeault (whose obituary is listed above) is my father. I’m the baby of 11 children of Philip and Elizabeth Archambeault.

I had put this article on purpose. I wanted to share some of the pictures Robin sent me. She had scanned close to 100 pictures.

She had coined the phrase opening the floodgates… 

Robin sent these.

This is Carl J. Archambeault Sr.’s grandparents.

Raymond is the little child on Myra Alexandre’s lap. William Archambeault is standing beside Myra. Raymond was their first child and Philip, Carl’s father, was their last child.

I am sure Carl J. Archambeault Sr. is very much interested in that picture and also this one.

This is the wedding picture of Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault taken on October 22, 1902, almost 110 years ago!

Sandy and Joe, who both live on the East Coast, Robin, who lives on the West Coast, and I, who is living in Quebec, wanted to share these photos and to reach out there to people who might be related to us, even distant ones.

Carl J. Archambeault Sr. is now one of them and everyone whose life Carl is touching right now for that matter. Maybe those who wrote comments on the memorial site to pay homage to Philip Archambeault.

“Dear Dad,

It was an honor to be there for your services. I didn’t realize just how powerful it would be to remember all the wonderful stories and jokes and mostly the sacrifices you made for…”

– Carol Archambeault

“Dad, On my wedding day I told you it’s been a long time since I had a father. I knew you longer than I knew my own father. I love you and miss you. You are irreplaceable. Thank you for my…” –

Celine Petrie

As a footnote to all this…

This is a tin picture of Myra.

Myra Alexandre sitting on a park bench with her sister Helene

This is another tin picture.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre with his three daughters (Myra, Agnes and Helene)
and his wife Philomène Lagacé

This blog will never end soon because one day someone will write a comment about Helene Alexandre and the little girl sitting on her lap or the little boy in front of his grandmother Libbie Lagasse Alexander.

Another footnote…

Carl sent me this picture.


He also  sent this tin picture probably taken around 1880.

Jean-Baptiste Archambeault’s and Emilia Mercier’s family

I am sure you will be able to find William Archambeault in that picture.

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