Louis Lagasse

Who’s Louis Lagasse?

He’s Dennis Lagasse II’s brother. I don’t have a picture to show you. Maybe I have one photo in my files, but since I can’t identify him, I can’t show it.

Maybe it’s him in this picture…

I did this little montage in 2010 because I thought I had a picture of the elusive Dennis Lagasse II.

Now I am sure the mystery man is not Dennis. He could be Pierre or Peter Lagasse who was Dennis’ brother.

Could be?

This is the original picture. I have two photos in my files. These people are at a beach.

Louis died in 1928. He was the father of…

Dora Lagasse (1882 –)

Oscar D Lagasse (1884 –)

Louis H Lagasse (1884 –)

Wilbur G Lagasse (1888 –)

Joseph William Lagasse (1890 –)

Harvey Louis Lagasse (1894 – 1971)

Walter D Lagasse (1901 –)

Well that’s what I could find… in the U.S. censuses and on Family Search.

Louis Lagasse married Rose Myers. The Lagasses and the Myers are all related to each others. I know a lot about the Myers who were Lemaires back in the 1800s.

Since these pictures come from a descendant of Alice Myers who married Victor Philip Lagasse, then Louis could possibly be in these photos. I can’t follow up on all this because the person who sent me these pictures has stopped sending me pictures in 2010. I have tried to rekindle the interest but to no avail.

I undertand that my passion for genealogy is scaring some people away.

I will have to get use to this.

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