Happy Valentine

This one is for you Melissa…

Yesterday’s pictures were sent by her, an 8th cousin of mine just like Emeril Lagasse.

That really made my day! Not Emeril, Melissa.

She is related somehow to Leon Lagasse a 7th cousin of mine. I know Melissa is a sweet person.

Melissa has no idea who these people on the tintypes pictures were.

I posted them anyway because you never know. 

It’s like opening two boxes of chocolates and not knowing what you will find inside each one.

Like this man who has just found some of his roots.

It’s always pure pleasure when someone writes me about this blog.

He wrote yesterday morning. He had read my articles about Jerry. Carl is a direct descendant of Jerry Robetoye (Jerry Robitaille).

This is the comment he posted.


I am Carl Robitaille, Sr
This is all very interesting. I am almost certain that this refers to my family. My father was Edouard (Edward) Luis Robitaille, born in 1921 in New Bedford, Ma. He was the son of Marie Blanche Robitaille. He had a sister Delores (both deceased).

My father never spoke about his father and was raised by his mother, as far as I know, nearly from birth.

I am not sure of whom the Carl you refer to is.

Would he be from Texas?

I may have other information available, but I currently live in Arizona. Most of the surviving relatives live in New England.

Carl Robitaille, Sr

I know that what he will find out about his roots will make his day just like it did for Dennis Lagasse IV around Christmas time.

I know sharing what I find about Our Ancestors makes my day everyday!

It’s like a box of chocolates or two. It’s better when you share it with loved ones.

Happy Valentine.

Dolly Robitaille and Edward Louis Robitaille…

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine

  1. Wow! What a great post! I love the chocolate references. After all, I am a chocolatier (it’s amazing I don’t weigh 500 pounds with all the chocolate I eat! Lol!!). I agree- it’s great when one discovers some new information about one’s family, but even better when that new info is shared. I imagine how exciting it will be for Carl to read this post.

    • This blog is fat-free.
      Everything is free.
      I don’t get paid for what treasures I have found.
      To me, this blog and all I found is priceless.

      About the chocolate reference…

      It just came this morning as I was reading my post once more.
      I found that the montages I made looked liked box of chocolates.

      Enjoy but leave some for Our Ancestors.

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