You’ve seen this before…

This was the title of an article I had drafted in August 2010.

I never posted it on this blog.

I don’t remember why I did not.

Maybe I had reached a deadend or that the time was not right.

So here it is with an epilog at the end.

I know I have shown you this picture before…

Philomène Lagacé’s daughters

Joe said that this was his favorite picture.

If you look closely you will recognized someone.

Déjà vu?

Joe did not know all the names. Thirty years ago, someone had told him some of the names.

I asked Sandy about that picture and she had a theory…

Come back next time for “Pierre” Round the Clock.


Since August 2010, we found all about Libbie’s daughters thanks to the help of so many people from the East Coast and the West Coast.

This makes this blog all worthwhile.

I just wanted to let everyone know how I feel about sharing my passion for Our Ancestors.

Click here to be reunited with one of Myra’s descendant.

Be sure to read the comment left by Fran at the end of the article.

Fran never wrote back.