I think I finally found who Mae was.

Not that it was that important in the first place…

Maybe it was after all.

Mae was Harvey Lagasse’s wife.

I could never find her maiden name.

She was always Mae Lagassey on Family Search.

This is Harvey and Mae.

A descendant wrote me a message on my Ancestry site this week.

I was quick to react.

I told her I knew a lot about the Lagasses in the States and that I had a lot of pictures.

The picture above is part of this one.

Harvey is seen with his wife Mae, his father Dennis Lagasse and his brother Victor Lagasse.

I believe Harvey is also in this picture, but I am not sure.

This picture was sent to me by Dennis Lagasse IV. His father sent it to him.

The handwriting on the picture is his father’s.

Harvey would be the little boy with his grandpa. The Grandpa would then be…

Dennis Lagasse II.

One day I will have the answer.

Speaking of having the answer,

I think I have finally found Mae’s maiden name.

She would be Mae Cox.

I am just waiting for confirmation of all this.

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