Who Are They?

Sometimes you find old pictures with no captions.

Then you start to wonder…

Who are they?

Take this one.

Sandy sent it to me in 2010.

We are still trying to figure it out.

At first, I thought he was Anthony Lagasse, Dennis Lagasse II’s first son named after his grandfather Antoine Lagacé.

The man in that picture had a definite Lagacé look.

Charming and good-looking…

I know Dennis Lagasse IV would agree wholeheartedly with me on this. Speaking of Dennis IV, he sent me this message which I know came from the heart.

Merry Christmas Pierre!

We hope you’re having a great holiday, thank you for introducing me to the Lagasse family tree… one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received, thank you so much!

Dennis is the reason why I started this blog in the first place back in 2009.

To reach out and be like Santa giving the most fabulous gift of all.

Our Ancestors.

Going back to this picture…

I started wondering if this could be Dennis Lagasse II and Henriette Alexandre.

But I might be jumping to conclusions.

The man sitting has a definite Dennis Lagasse look on his face…

But then I might be jumping to conclusions with my ancestors…

What about the woman then…?

Who could she be?

I think I have a clue…