Something to Reflect Upon

Richard Perry wrote this comment.

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As I am sure others find the same problem, as you get older, all of the people that you went to school with, went to war with or worked with disappear one by one. I am the only one left of our Lancaster crew, and the contacts I kept up with friends and relations are all being answered by sons or daughters who write to tell me that their fathers have passed away. However, for those still living, I do keep my Web Page up to date. This is the 2nd of two web pages that I started in the early days of the computer and, already I have over 6000 hits on it and new friends who have read the articles. As you say, it does take a real effort to write these articles, but the results I get are well worth the effort. As an example, the present effort centers around our ongoing battle to force the Parliamentary Body in Great Britain, to produce a medal for all those who flew and died while serving their countries in Bomber Command during WW2. Once again, I get the impression that the “powers that be” hope that we’ll all fade away and the problem will disappear. I’m certainly impressed that you’ve made the effort to write about some of these airmen.



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