Did you take the time?

I sure hope you did.

Sometimes we don’t take the time… it’s rush, rush, rush especially when Christmas is just around the corner.

For Edna Lagasse Ritchie, Christmas was never the same after August 1945.

For most of us, August 6, 1945, will be forever remembered for the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

For Edna, that date was when her son Robert died aboard USS Bullhead.

She would never see her son again nor would she see the children Robert would never have.

I don’t believe Robert was ever married.

Each year till her death in 1983, Edna Lagasse would also remember September 22, the day William Ritchie died in Holland during Operation Market Garden.

So take the time this Christmas to think about all those who gave so much so we can have so much for this Christmas.


Merry Christmas to all.

See you tomorrow because I have someone’s picture to show you…