Stanislas Lagacé’s family

I have learned a lot since 2007 and I have written a lot on this blog since September 2009.

I had some catching up to do since I knew pratically nothing about my ancestors.

I have learned to control this passion of mine for my ancestors as well as other people’s ancestors.

People could be easily scared away.

So I have learned to control myself now.

I am more careful about what I write to people when I found that they are related to me.

This is why I use the phrase in my blog sometimes…

The crazy guy up north in Canada.

As a matter of fact, I live in Quebec where people are most of the time friendly and will most of the time help you the best they can…

Well most will.

I guess people are like that everywhere.

This being said, let me introduce you to Stanislas Lagacé’s family.

This family was easier to identify than the Alexandre family because I had many pictures to go around helping me identify who was who in most of the pictures.

Take this one for instance sent by Dennis Lagasse IV last October.

Dennis knew nothing about his roots.

His father Lionel had some pictures and he had that one where he jotted down his recollection of who was who.

I knew most of these people from the start.

The father was Stanislas Lagacé III, son of Stanislas Lagacé II, son of Stanislas Lagacé I. His wife was Amanda Ménard.

When Stanislas Lagacé II moved to the U.S. in 1889, he changed his name to Dennis Lagasse. His son became also Dennis Lagasse. All the little Lagacés became little Lagasses like my grandfather Léo Lagasse who was Dennis Lagasse III’s brother.

Before 2010, Dennis Lagasse III was just a name and Dennis Lagasse IV did not even existed.

The first son of Dennis III and Amanda Ménard was Harry, followed by Rose who was baptized Marie Rose Elmira on January 20, 1889.

I believe this is her beside her parents.

 I don’t think she is the maid…

If I am telling you all this, it’s because of this picture Robin scanned last week. It comes from little Marie’s collection.

No caption just people.

Who are these people…?

Brothers and sisters with their cousins?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I have another picture of this family. It belongs to someone I might have scared away back in 2010…