The Story Behind the Picture

Updated March 14, 2021

I played a little trick on you didn’t I. I posted this Saturday morning instead of Monday. I don’t have many readers, but I don’t really mind. Someday someone will read this article and say…

That guy is crazy… but I won’t mind.

So what is that story behind the picture of Lucille Lestage Robin scanned from little Mary’s precious collection of old family pictures?

Sweet sixteen

Quite simple… It is all about the reliability of our of sources.

In Philomene Lagasse’s obituary written in 1920, this is what people could read in the Bristol Press…

BRISTOL PRESS 13 March 1920
Mrs. Libbie Alexander widow of the late John Alexander died at the home of her son David Alexander 149 Park St. last evening as a result of complications due to old age.
She had been an invalid for several years.
Mrs. Alexander was born in Quebec, Canada 79 years ago. She spent her early years there. She was married in 1869 to John Alexander. They moved to the state and lived for some time in North Adams, Mass. They came to Bristol twenty six years ago and made their home here. Mr. Alexander died in 1914.
Mrs. Alexander is survived by four daughters: Mrs. David Bleau, Mrs. William Archambeault and Miss Mary Alexander of Bristol and Mrs. Phoebe Lustrich of Brooklyn, NY. By Three sons: John, David, and Peter Alexander all of Bristol, and by many grand children and great grand children, she was one of the well known French residents and was a member of St. Ann’s Church.
The funeral will be held at St. Ann’s Church at 9 o’clock Monday morning. Rev. Joseph P. Perreault will conduct the services.

Who was that Phoebe Lustrich? What I had in my files was Flavie Alexandre who married Charles Lestage with Lucille Lestage as their daughter. Phoebe Lustrich could not be another daughter of Philomene Lagasse. She had six daughters and two died before her.

Libbie's daughters

It was like déjà vu with Myra Alexandre who was baptised Emilie Georgiana and then switched to Myra… Then Lucille’s picture struck me right in the face…!

Mrs. Phoebe Lustrich of Brooklyn, NY was in fact Mrs. Phoebe Lestage and not Phoebe Lustrich. Lucille Lestage was her daughter. The obituary was wrong in that case. So Phoebe Alexandre has to be here with her sister Myra…

Why would the caption be wrong in the first place…? It is always possible because I was not there in the late 1890s to take that picture Robin had scanned for me last week or these that Sandy scanned in 2010.

Younger Myra?

Younger Phoebe (Flavie) Alexandre?

I always thought we had on the left Philomene Alexandre the eldest of Philomene Lagasse’s daughters with Agnes Alexandre on the right in this picture.

I could not be more wrong… Now I have to wonder if that woman on the right looks like Lucille…

I wonder… You be the judge.

Maybe after reading this article you will start to wonder… Is that guy that crazy?

You be the judge.

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