Call Them Distant Relatives…

I don’t mind if you call them distant relatives of mine…

This is yet another scanned picture of little Marie’s priceless collection.

This is the wedding picture of Leo Combe and Ida.

I don’t know her maiden name yet.

Robin has been hard at work.

Call it passion on her part.

I would call it caring.

Caring for Marie who is interested in her ancestors even though she’s 93.

This is the edited version of that picture.

I love looking at wedding pictures.

My mother also did and I had fun looking at them when I was young.

I think I am still young deep inside.

Leo Combe and Ida are little Marie’s uncle and aunt.

What I know about Ida is only what I see in the pictures Robin has scanned me for us… 


Call it passion…

I would call it caring.

I am sure Robin will ask Marie what was Ida’s maiden name so we can look for other distant relatives of ours.

In the wedding picture taken around 1918, we can see Marie’s mother beside Ida.

Just beside her mother Sylvia is my cousin Agnes Alexandre.

Agnes is the daughter of my great-grandaunt Philomene Lagasse (Lagacé). Back in 2007 when I started looking for my ancestors I did not know she had existed.

As I said, I don’t mind if you call these people distant relatives of mine…