Myra’s wedding

Myra Alexandre married William Archambeault on October 22, 1902 in St. Joseph Church, in Bristol, Connecticut. 

Last year we did not know she ever existed.

We only had a picture with no name.

What we thought was that we had Philomene Alexandre with her sister Agnes.

Now we know better with Robin’s pictures, and now with Sylvia’s pictures.

Myra is on the right.

We still think her older sister is Philomene on the left.

Now we have this new picture to get a clearer picture of Philomene Lagasse’s daughters.

And we have names to go along.

William Archambault is on the left and Mary Alexandre is on the right. We have no idea who is the other man in the back. What we know for sure is that Mary never married.

We also have a new picture.

This one is with the couple’s first child. He is a little boy.

His name is Raymond.

Myra has a serious look on her face.

I wonder why?

Maybe Raymond kept her awake all night.