Grandpa and his car…

Ron will love this one…

You see Ron loves cars, genealogy, and reading this blog.

In this picture sent by Robin we see David Nathanael Bleau visiting his grandchildren.

It had to be a great day for those kids seing their Grandpa and his car.

I have no caption but I can easily identified who are in this picture..

This is David Nathanael Bleau again in these pictures…

I know you are getting all excited about these old pictures, but hold your horses…

Here’a another one.

This is the original Robin sent me… We can see the horse’s name.


3 thoughts on “Grandpa and his car…

  1. What a gift this site was to me!
    I am the granddaughter of Leo and Ida (Ashley) Combe. My name is Diane Combe Salvatore. My newly pregnant daughter needed to know if my grandparents originally came from Quebec (for some genetic testing). My father, Henry Combe – now almost 87 can’t seem to recall where his dad or mom were born.

    It looks like my grandfather’s brother was born in North Dakota – perhaps my grandfather as well.

    Do you know if there is any Quebec link?

    Thanks for the treasures! If you know how I can gather some further info, I’d love any tips you can give me.

    Thank you, Diane

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