Jumping to conclusions again…?

Don’t you worry about me…

I have learned my lesson well with this picture.

the Alexandre family

At first I thought we had the Bleau family…

When people get all excited about genealogy they can hardly control themselves. I learned that lesson the hard way when I started looking for my ancestors in 2007, so I am more cautious now.

This is a good piece of advice.

As a carpenter would say…

Check twice, cut once…

Dennis Lagasse, my great-grandfather, was a carpenter by trade.

But cautious as a carpenter I was not with Robin’s pictures.

I was too excited to see them and I still am…

But looking at them more closely revealed something to be looked at more closely.

Take this original picture for instance.

which I edited a little…

This one is so very precious because the older woman is my great-grandaunt Philomene Lagasse, Stanislas’ sister. 

Agnes Akexandre is acknowledging this by placing her hands on her mother’s shoulders.

Most people are correcty identified… except Aunt Mary Alexander.

This woman does not look like the Mary Alexander seen in this picture taken in 1918 with Sylvia Bleau Combe, her daughter Sylvia and a man who has yet to be identified.

In this picture we see the proud parents with Aunt Mary.

The mystery woman looks more like this woman in this other picture taken in 1922 with Sylvia Bleau Combe and her children Sylvia, Louis-Joseph Junior and Lawrence Victor.

Who is that woman on the left if she is not Mary Alexander?

I would guess she is Myra seen here on the left with her father Jean-Baptiste Alexandre and her sister Agnes.

Well I think…

What do you think?

As for the woman with the child on her lap, I believe she is an older sister of Agnes and Myra.

That would see logical.

Most probably she is Helen Alexandre who by the way had married Joseph Bleau, David Bleau’s brother. 

But this is a wild guess on my part.

I guess that guessing sometimes is part of the game… just like guessing who’s who in Joe’s photo montage of Libbie’s daughters…