Putting the right name on a face…

Look at this picture.

Look at the older woman on the right.

Now look at this one…

Same person but different names.

I believe that the caption is wrong.

I am 100% sure Agnes Alexandre Bleau is in each photo.

Look at this montage…

If you look closely at the picture, you will notice someone tore it to leave someone out…


Sometimes captions are sometimes misleading and lead us in the wrong directions when looking for our ancestors.

Tomorrow another case of misleading captions.


3 thoughts on “Putting the right name on a face…

  1. Unless I missed something, I would hate to say to a great detective, what if the person missing from the picture was another man?

    • I can’t tell why this picture was tore up… There was a woman on that picture. Sometimes you don’t tell all you know.

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