Who do you think she is…?

With what we know now, some of Robin’s pictures are related to the Alexandres and not to the Bleaus.

This is who I believe is Marie Elmire Alexandre.

  This young woman could be another daughter of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre and Philomène Lagacé.

Could be?

We have some pictures of someone who is identified as Aunt Mary Alexander in Robin’s collection.

Mary was never married.

She was born Marie Elmire Alexandre on March 27, 1881.

This I know for sure.

I have her birth certificate.

I think Joe once told me that she went by the name of Mary.

Here are a few pictures of Aunt Mary in Robin’s collection. You decide if my presumption is correct.

If the captions are right, Mary is on the left in the back row.

Her sister Agnes Alexandre is in the picture with her daughter Sylvia Bleau and her granddaughter Sylvia Combe.

This is the original picture Robin had.

She said it was sad to have the names right on the picture.

So I did a little editing in my spare time…

Now maybe we have identified one more of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre’s daughter in Robin’s photo collection… Aunt Mary Alexander.

Mary never married so she had no descendants to search for her.

But that does not deter me a bit to talk about Aunt Mary.

As a footnote, Robin contacted some relatives.

One is 93 years old and she is elated someone is searching for her ancestors.

This is all it’s all about.

Sharing to make someone else happy… even if they are strangers.


3 thoughts on “Who do you think she is…?

  1. In the one picture with the little girl named Silvia M Combe Hartsuyker, this is who I am contacting, eldest daughter of Silvia. She always went by Marie. Let’s hope we will be able to get more identified photos.

  2. On the first photo of Mary look at the dark bracelets, then in one of the other photos with Silvia, it looks like a dark bracelet again. It is a strange looking item for a woman to wear, something we would see today with silver studs, could it be this easy to identify her as the same person. Or maybe that was a common thing to wear at that time, but it does not look like part of the dress. Your thoughts?

  3. The dark bracelets is another clue.
    I am sure she is Marie Elmire looking at her face. It’s the woman with the hat that I am not sure about. She seems to wear glasses.

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