Jumping to Conclusions…

Sometimes you have to jump to go somewhere, but I don’t mind tripping and landing flat on my face if I can find my way to where I am going when I go back in time searching for my ancestors.

This time they are not even directly related to me…

Robin sent me a lot of tin pictures.

I have to admit I had jumped to conclusions with her tin pictures.

This one and some more…

I was obvious from the start… but I was too mesmerized.

How could two sisters-in-laws be in a family picture with their sister-in-law and her children and her parents David Bleau Senior and Émilie Hébert…

Furthermore David Bleau Senior had died in December 1880!

Call it excitement on my part seeing so many tin photographs taken at the turn of the 20th century.

This tin picture would be in fact Jean-Baptiste Alexandre with his three daughters and his wife Philomène Lagacé who is my great-grandfather’s sister.

Now I can get all excited again for the right reason because I have a picture of a great-granduncle with his daughters Agnès and Myra, and an another daughter with her two kids whom I know nothing about.

The search is just beginning because we have more U.S.A….

Unidentifed Standing Still Ancestors…


As I said, it never stops.

Finally, what about the big picture…?

Here you go!

Click on it…


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