We Are All Assuming…

When it comes to old pictures with no captions.

Robin’s pictures are so precious even though we have very little clues about the identity of who are on them.

But that does not deter us one bit.

Take this picture Robin sent for instance.


I first assumed we had David Bleau Senior with his wife Émélie Hébert and their daughter with her two kids and Myra and Agnes Alexandre in the back. Myra is on the left and Agnes is on the right.



Why would would two sisters-in-laws be on a Bleau family picture?


David Bleau Senior died in 1880 so he can’t be in this picture and it can’t be him in this one also…

Nor this one…

I think.

So who is the middle-aged man in the middle of the back row?

Could he be Jean-Baptiste Alexandre with his two daughters Myra on the left and Agnes on the right…?


This is what Sandy is thinking.

What about the older woman?

Sandy think she is Philomène Lagacé, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre’s wife.

Since we have no caption, we can only assume.



This is why genealogy is such an interesting hobby…

Next time the big picture!


2 thoughts on “We Are All Assuming…

  1. Let’s say this is so, who is this younger woman sitting down and there are children, can you fit them into this family?

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