Robin had the answer

Just like Sandy contacted me last year, Robin contacted Joe last week…

Then the floodgates opened wide…

Remember this picture Sandy had sent me last year…

Phoebe and Agnes…?

Well, this is what Robin had.

It’s part of her collection  of old pictures she has.

This picture is more than 100 years old, most probably taken before 1900.

Sandy had the same picture but with no names.

Since we did not have any names, Sandy had this theory that the pictures were put clockwise according to what we knew about the birthdates of the daughters.

Robin had names.

Sandy and I were half right… about Phoebe who is really Philomène, Philomene Lagasse’s eldest daughter.

Robin knows a lot more about that branch of the Alexandres’ descendants.

Agnes Alexandre was one of Robin’s husband’s ancestors.

She married David Bleau and her daughter Sylvia Elisabeth Bleau married Louis Joseph Combe on April 19, 1917.

Louis Joseph Combe was a photographer…!

This document is precious and has more information about Robin’s husband’s ancestors.

It’s like a time machine.

Robin has a lot more pictures and she is willing to share them all so we can reach out for other descendants.

So we will going back in times next time.

It’s going to take a lot of time…

But we have a lot of time on our hands.


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