On the back of the photo

Well Dennis… I am so glad you finally know who you are…

Lionel Lagasse, Dennis’ father, sent him this picture.

The note says it all or does it?

The man in the picture would be Dennis Lagasse 1842, the father of Dennis 1864 who is Levi Lagasse’s father who is Lionel’s father…


Well I’m not because I have been searching for this family since 2010. 

Dennis 1842 would be with his son’s two children Mary and…?

Well I am not sure about the info in the back of the photo… The problem is…

Who wrote the note in the back?


Dennis 1864?

Want to know more?


Dennis Lagasse… Who do you think you are?

Sometimes I think I scare people away with my passion for genealogy.

I hope I won’t scare Dennis away. If you pass the test and you are not afraid, then you are in for a big surprise…

I am a very serious person and I am very respectful of others. Joe and Sandy know that because they met me in person last month.

And they were not scared a wee bit…


Dennis Lagasse…Who do you think you are?

Dennis is a direct descendant of Dennis 1816, Dennis 1842 and Dennis 1864… He lives in Connecticut where these Dennises are buried.

Dennis put a comment on my blog about genealogy this week… I don’t think I scared him away because he sent me this e-mail… when I first replied to his comment.

Hello Pierre,

I just talked to my dad… and he’s sending me a copy of the pictures he has of his grandfather Dennis Lagasse with his 12 kids and wife Amanda on their front porch in Bristol CT. He also read to me the Bristol Press newspaper article where it describes the accident that killed Dennis in 1922, he is copying and sending me that also. It’s so exciting for me to see all this history coming together, I live in… CT and am only an hour away from Bristol and would love to help you in any way I can.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you’ve done so far.

Dennis Lagasse

His great-grandfather was Dennis Lagasse III who died in 1922.

Dennis knows that part.

He was married to Amanda Ménard and they had 12 children.

Dennis knows that part also.

Dennis’ great-great-grandfather was also named Dennis.

I don’t know if Dennis knew this.

This Dennis Lagasse whose real name was Stanislas Lagacé was born 9 August 1842 in Henryville, in Quebec. He died on June 5th 1927. He was 84.

He worked all of his life. His father, who was also named Stanislas (Dennis), died in 1900.This is his death certificate that Sandy found for me.

He was 84. He was born in 1816. He worked all of his life. He lived at 22 Conlon Street in Bristol, Connecticut.

So Dennis…

Who do you think you are?

Someone who will want to know more about his roots back to the first ancestor… André Mignier. He was a soldier who came with the Carignan-Salières regiment.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières Illustrator Francis Back

Googling on Google

If you ever google this on Google…

our ancestors Lagasse

Then you will see this page…

Click here. 

If your name is Dennis Lagasse and you google Dennis Lagasse ancestors…

then you will get this…

Click here.

And then, if you put a comment on this blog…

Let’s say like this…

I have some information and would love to share…

Then you will get this reply…

Well Dennis, I just wrote you an e-mail…
Welcome aboard.

After that, it’s going to be a hell of a ride down the road to your ancestors.

So stay tuned because there is more to come if your name is Dennis Lagasse and you live in Connecticut.

Sometimes it won’t strike you the first time, but…

then, you start to wonder…

At first Sandy thought that the man on the right was Wilfred Lagasse… But then she started to wonder about his identity.

Sandy and I met for the first time on September 20th. She showed me another picture which she thinks is my great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagasse 1842.

She will scan it a little later.

She thinks that the man on the right is Stanislas, the mysterious Dennis Lagasse…

This makes sense since he looks much older than Joseph. We would have a picture taken with Joseph, son of Pierre Lagacé who is Dennis’ brother.

You know Pete… That’s make sense…

St. Thomas cemetery revisited

After seeing  Stanislas 1864’s tombstone, it really made my day…

With the help of some of his descendants, in 2010, I had gotten many pictures of this family.



Stanislas 1864 died in 1922 in an accident.

So I went to sit in my car to go back to Joe’s place.

Joe looked at me sitting there and I just knew I had to visit the cemetery some more…

Glad I did because there are other Lagasses buried in St. Thomas.

Anthony Lagasse, Stanislas 1842’s first son, is also buried there with his first wife Delia Bertrand and his second wife Rosealba Chagnon.

Some of Anthony’s children are also buried there.

Aurore… born in 1896.

Fred… born in 1889.

Joseph… born in 1891.

Joseph fought in the First World War along side his brother…

His brother’s name was William. William is not buried in St. Thomas cemetery.

He is buried in France as he gave his life for his country in 1918. 

Click here.

St. Thomas cemetery

I never expected Joe would know where some Lagasses were buried in Bristol, Connecticut.

So when he told me, we went to St. Thomas cemetery to find clues on where my great-great grandfather Stanislas Lagasse was  buried.

This was a beautiful Saturday morning in Bristol.

Clouds were in the skies and it was raining just a little.

Nothing would have deter me to go.

You see, this is the only image I have of Stanislas Lagasse 1816.

A death certificate…

I call him Stanislas 1816 because he named one of his son Stanislas who in turn named one of his son Stanislas.

So we have Stanislas 1816, Stanislas 1842, and Stanislas 1864.

Stanislas born in 1816 died on March 26, 1900. He missed the 1900 U.S. Census by only a few months.

The Lagasses are hard to find in the U.S. since their names are often spelled different ways.

Here Stanislas 1816 is Stanislas Lagassée. Stanislas 1842 went by the name Dennis Lagasse so did his son Dennis 1864.

Stanislas 1816 was living in 22 Conlon Street which is close to St. Thomas cemetery.

Joe and I did not find his grave, but he has to be buried there. Stanislas 1842 should also be there, but he is nowhere to be found.

As for Stanislas 1864…

Well this was easy… except for the name and the birthdate.

Joe was much more related to me than I first thought

Joe sent me this message when I had returned from his place down in Bristol, Connecticut.

I don’t know if I gave you these obits before

BRISTOL PRESS 31 August 1914
John B. Alexander died at his home, 63 West St. Sunday  afternoon following an illness of two weeks with diabetes. The funeral will take place at St. Ann’s church at 9 o’clock Tuesday morning. Rev. J. P. Perreault will celebrate the high mass of requiem. Interment will be in St. Thomas’s cemetery.
Mr. Alexander was born in Canada seventy one years ago.  His early life was spent there till he moved to Bristol with his family twenty two years ago. He entered the employ of the E. Ingraham Co. where he remained for six years. He  was taken ill with blood poisoning of the hand fourteen years ago and it was necessary to have his arm amputated to stay the disease. Since then he has lived in retirement. Mr. Alexander is survived by his Wife, three sons, David A.,  John B., and Peter Alexander of this city; and four daughters,
Mrs. Phoebe Lestage of Brooklyn , Mrs. Willism Archambault,  Mrs. David Bleau and Miss Mary Alexander, all of this city.


BRISTOL PRESS 13 March 1920
Mrs. Libbie Alexander widow of the late John Alexander  died at the home of her son David Alexander 149 Park St. last evening as a result of complications due to old age.
She had been an invalid for several years.
Mrs. Alexander was born in Quebec, Canada 79 years ago.  She spent her early years there. She was married in 1869 to  John Alexander. They moved to the state and lived for some time in North Adams, Mass. They came to Bristol twenty  six years ago and made their home here. Mr. Alexander  died in 1914.
Mrs. Alexander is survived by four daughters: Mrs.  David Bleau, Mrs. William Archambeault and Miss Mary  Alexander of Bristol and Mrs. Phoebe Lustrich of Brooklyn, NY. By Three sons: John, David, and Peter Alexander all of Bristol, and by many grand children and great grand children, she was one of the well known French residents and was a member of St. Ann’s Church.
The funeral will be held at St. Ann’s Church at 9 o’clock Monday morning. Rev. Joseph P. Perreault will conduct the  services.

I am glad he sent it…

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre was married to Philomene Lagasse who was my great-grandaunt.

She is this woman with her daughters all around her in this picture Joe sent me last year.


Philomene was this man’s sister.

 Stanislas worked in the same clock factory as his brother-in-law Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

Good morning Joe

Joe can’t read the French version of my blog about genealogy.

Ron can’t also.

So this is the reason why I am writing this article…

But more articles are in the pipeline.

You see, I visited Joe twice in the last month.

The first time was when I went down south to see my friend Paul.

This visit was too short, so I decided to visit him on my way north.

Glad I did.

I will tell you more.

I know Ron will love this and I know Joe will also.

Ron, Joe and I are just like birds…

Birds of a feather flock together