8 thoughts on “Olds 1914?

  1. Well we must be very careful, if you look at the two cars you have on this post they are not the same Pierre, the back windows in the touring top are different, one is square and the other is oval. William Durant was the founder on the GM Motor company along with Mr Chevrolet, some time around 1915-16 Mr Chevrolet bought all Mr Durant’s shares in the company and he was gone from the GM Motors, Mr Durant then started for a short time to build his own cars looking very much like the ones being made by GM Motors. I would say it is possible that the car in the black and white photo could be a 1918 to 1923 Durant because the emblem on the radiator does not resemble the familer GM Motor’s bow tie emblem but more like the well known round Durant Star emblem. It’s only my guess.

  2. Hi Ron,

    I got this answer from an expert…

    Bonjour Pierre

    Ton guess sur l’Oldsmobile 1914 semble excellent, car ce n’est pas évident à partir de la photo. Le radiateur correspond, de même que la forme des ailes, les ressorts à l’avant, le pare-brise, les portières et le rangement sous les portières, les roues.

    Il y avait deux séries cette année-là: la Baby Olds, Model 42, et la Sixth, Model 54. La Baby était une tentative pour Oldsmobile de revenir avec une voiture plus légère animée par un moteur à quatre cylindres. Le Model 54, à six cylindres, était une version légèrement retouchée du Model 53 de l’année précédente.

    Il est amusant de constater que pour un supplément de 50$ il était possible d’obtenir une couleur autre que vert, bleu ou gris.

  3. Translation…

    Hi Pierre

    I just opened my e-mails. Your guess on the 1914 Oldsmobile seems excellent, because it’s not easy with that picture. The radiator matches, the same for the fenders, the coil springs in front, the windshield, the doors and the storage place under the doors, the wheels.

    There were two series that year: the Baby Olds, Model 42, and the Sixth, Model 54. The Baby was an attempt for Oldsmobile to go back to a lighter car using a four cylinder engine. The Model 54, a six cylinders, was a slighty modified version of the Model 53 of the year before.

    It’s funny to notice that for $50 more it was possible to get a different paint colour from green, blue or gray.

    Have a nice week.

  4. I am still not sure with these two cars. The bottom shape of the windshields on each car are different, one has a chrome grill, the other has not, rear windows not the same. One thing for certain I would agree, both cars were made by Mr Durant & Mr Chevrolet.

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