Harvey L Lagasse Jr

At first, I thought Harvey L Lagasse was the son of Harvey, the son of Dennis III.

Harvey is the second on the left.

Harvey Louis Lagasse Senior married Maude Powe. This Harvey is not the son of Dennis III. 

This is picture of Harvey with his wife Mae.

That’s the only thing we know about Mae.

Harvey is seen here with  his father Dennis III and his brother Victor Philippe.

I know a lot don’t I?

It’s because I dig a lot…

Want to know more?

What about Victor Lagasse and Alice Myers and Harry Lagasse… and Anna Campbell.

Harry is in this picture with his little baby boy Gerard.

Look at those ears…

Harry would have a second son, Lawrence. I will tell you more about him next time.

As I said, it never stops when you are searching for your roots, but I could never have imagined that I would find someone whose name was also Dennis… 

Dennis Lagasse IV or Dennis LaGachette IV.

What about Harvey L. Lagasse Jr?

Well he is related to us. His grandfather, Louis Lagasse, was Dennis II’s brother.

Someday someone will write me just like Dennis IV did and he or she will be amazed by what I know about his or her roots.

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