All in the Family

This really made my day.

Family pictures are just awesome… for an amateur genealogist.

No problem this time with this picture…

Well sort of…

Lionel Lagasse, Dennis IV’s father, knows the guys but just some of the gals… He wrote some notes.

Here’s a cropped version of the scan Dennis IV sent me…

I had this picture of the same family taken later around 1917.

I had played with it a little in 2010 since I already had the names.

The little girl is Germaine Lagasse with her father Victor Philippe Lagasse in the left rectangle.

Pepere is Dennis III born in 1864.

His wife Amanda Ménard is behind her grandchild Germaine.

Alice Myers, Germaine’s mother is between Pepere and Amanda.

Levi Lagasse is on the right side looking very serious.

The lady beside Victor is unknown.

I would take a wild guess and say that she is Ida Lagasse who married a Mister Lamothe…

But that is pure speculation.

She could be Edna Lagasse married to a Mister Frank Ritchie.

And what about the daughter with the serious look on the porch…?


She has to be Rose Elmira Lagasse the eldest daughter born on January 20th 1889. 

On the baptisimal certificate we see Stanislas La gassé’s  (Dennis Lagasse  III) signature.

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