St. Thomas cemetery revisited

After seeing  Stanislas 1864’s tombstone, it really made my day…

With the help of some of his descendants, in 2010, I had gotten many pictures of this family.



Stanislas 1864 died in 1922 in an accident.

So I went to sit in my car to go back to Joe’s place.

Joe looked at me sitting there and I just knew I had to visit the cemetery some more…

Glad I did because there are other Lagasses buried in St. Thomas.

Anthony Lagasse, Stanislas 1842’s first son, is also buried there with his first wife Delia Bertrand and his second wife Rosealba Chagnon.

Some of Anthony’s children are also buried there.

Aurore… born in 1896.

Fred… born in 1889.

Joseph… born in 1891.

Joseph fought in the First World War along side his brother…

His brother’s name was William. William is not buried in St. Thomas cemetery.

He is buried in France as he gave his life for his country in 1918. 

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