St. Thomas cemetery

I never expected Joe would know where some Lagasses were buried in Bristol, Connecticut.

So when he told me, we went to St. Thomas cemetery to find clues on where my great-great grandfather Stanislas Lagasse was  buried.

This was a beautiful Saturday morning in Bristol.

Clouds were in the skies and it was raining just a little.

Nothing would have deter me to go.

You see, this is the only image I have of Stanislas Lagasse 1816.

A death certificate…

I call him Stanislas 1816 because he named one of his son Stanislas who in turn named one of his son Stanislas.

So we have Stanislas 1816, Stanislas 1842, and Stanislas 1864.

Stanislas born in 1816 died on March 26, 1900. He missed the 1900 U.S. Census by only a few months.

The Lagasses are hard to find in the U.S. since their names are often spelled different ways.

Here Stanislas 1816 is Stanislas Lagassée. Stanislas 1842 went by the name Dennis Lagasse so did his son Dennis 1864.

Stanislas 1816 was living in 22 Conlon Street which is close to St. Thomas cemetery.

Joe and I did not find his grave, but he has to be buried there. Stanislas 1842 should also be there, but he is nowhere to be found.

As for Stanislas 1864…

Well this was easy… except for the name and the birthdate.