Old soldier died at 101

I just had to stop…

and take some pictures…

I found this information in the 1881 Canadian Census…

Rufus TITUS M Male English 41 USA Farmer C. Methodist
Jane TITUS M Female Irish 48 Ireland — Independent
Julia A. TITUS Female English 18 Quebec — Church of England
Jennie TITUS Female English 16 USA Scholar Church of England
Marshet TITUS Female English 14 Quebec Scholar Church of England
Clara TITUS Female English 11 Quebec Scholar Church of England
James ANDREWS W Male Scottish 100 Ireland Old Soldier C. Presbyterian 

Source Information: Census Place Windsor, Richmond & Wolfe,  Quebec Family History Library Film 1375834 NA Film Number C-13198  District 53 Sub-district H Page Number 29 Household Number 126 

This is James Andrews tombstone…

I was looking for Clara Eleonore Titus… She was  11 in 1881. She married James E. Speakman and died in 1888.

 Did you notice something special on James Andrew’s tombstone?

Click here for more information about that cemetery.

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