Remember Dopamine?

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Well I had a sudden rush of dopamine.

This will make Ron Depatie chuckle a little.

Someone wrote me about someone whose name was Albertine and she told me that I had this Albertine in my family tree.

She was inquiring if it was the same person…

In fact she was.

This Albertine was not even directly related to me.

In fact Albertine was the sister of someone who was married to Louis Robitaille who was the son of Jerry Robetoye (Jerry Robitaille). So in fact, her father in-law was Jerry who was in the cavalry during the Civil War. 

Jerry Robetoye

Louis Robitaille was married to Blanche Lagasse…

Louis Robitaille with daughter Dolly

Blanche Lagasse was the daugther of Frobe Lagasse and Valeda Forand.

Frobe Lagasse was the son of Pierre Adoph Lagasse.

Frobe Lagasse’s little family

Pierre Adolph Lagasse

I told you genealogy was addictive.

This is what I told that lady who inquired about Albertine…

I also told her to search for old pictures.

It’s always nice to put a smiling face on an ancestor or his descendants.

Of course I did lend her a helping hand.

It’s always nice to lend a helping hand to put a smile on someone’s face.


Don’t believe all that you see…

On genealogy websites…

I am sure Ron would agree with me on this. We have to double even triple check everything just to be dead sure…

Bill, my new found 7th cousin, will be digging now for more of his roots here in Quebec.

But he must beware.

He has started his family tree on Ancestry a few weeks ago and got a little mixed-up.

That’s normal.

You will find the God, the Bad and the Ugly not only on Ancestry but on all similar sites.

This is what I just found on Ancestry. It’s a hint they gave me… on  François Sauvé, Pierre Sauvé’s father.


François Sauvé did not die in 1737 at the age of 115.

His son Pierre Sauvé did…

God rests his soul. 

François Sauvé, and his wife Marie Malleret for that matter, never set foot in New France.

So when you start looking for your roots…

Beware not to stumble on a tree stump or run into a tree.

Also don’t buy any coat of arms for the Sauvé family tree either. 

It does not exist.

Some bears out there in the woods are only for your money…

Case closed

Bill Sauve has finally found his roots.

The info he gave me in another e-mail is correct except for a few details.

He can now start his quest for other ancestors one of which is Salomé Sauvé who is Joseph Sauvé’s wife, or start finding his ancestors on his mother’s side.

Bill is just starting…

He does not know what lies ahead.

Case closed? I would not bet on this.

Just ask Ron Depatie.

Another Sauvé found his roots

Ron will be glad to read this…

Thank you,

I thought I was nuts…
I am Wilfred George, son of Wilfred Fabien, grandson of George Augustus, and great grandson of Joseph Fabien,  and of course great great grandson of who else?

Joseph SAUVE…

I came across your website looking for George Augustus info. 

I’ve been lost in a sea of Josephs and Maries on  for about four weeks.  I’m still not sure I have it straight yet, but I think so. 

I missed a Joseph and had to re-do my family.  I’m back as far as I can go now in  France c1535…

Ron will be happy to know that this Fabien guy is the one who married Sophranie André’s sister…

Fabien Sauvé married three times.

I know all about George Wilfred’s ancestors and I invited him to my Ancestry family tree.

I am not sure if he has it right though yet with all these Josephs and Maries.