Alfred Benoit: 1912 New Bedford, Massachusetts

Alyce LaGasse’s family came from New Bedford, Massachusetts. I found this on the Internet about a picture taken in 1912.

Alfred Benoit was a sweeper in a mill in New Bedford. He lived at 191 North Street in the city. He was a prime example of the abuse of children as laborers. He was 11 years old. Many children did not get an education because they were forced to work at too early an age.

Alfred Beniot, 191 North St. Sweeper in Bennett Mill, in spinning room #2 has been there two months; seemed to be 11 yrs. old. Alfred recorded as 12 years old. Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts, January 1912, Lewis Hine.

I found Alfred’s picture on this site…

Alfred and I are not related, but he is somewhat related to Alyce. David Lagasse, Alyce’s father, was living in New Bedford. In 1912, he was 6. His brothers Samuel and Anthony were working in a cotton mill in 1920. Anthony was a pressman and Samuel was a folder.

I know Anthony had a missing…

Click to zoom in…

Anthony had a missing little finger.

A finger on his left hand was amputated…

You know I could not resist not talking about Alfred’s picture. I also found this…

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